ECTS Metric

ITS Tech & Food pathways, whose attendance is compulsory, comprise a 3000 hours duration (2000 hours of face-to-face lessons/internship and 1000 hours of study from home) which is divided into four semesters.

The ECTS credits, 60 for each course year, are defined by the volume and complexity of the work being carried out. With this logic, all the training units are structured so that the following items synoptically communicate each other:

  • “Learning outcomes of the course”
  • “Training Units”
  • “Learning Outcomes of the Training Units”
  • “Methods and criteria for verifying the results”
  • “Methodologies and learning contexts and relative workload (hours)”
  • “ECTS Credits”

Below the ECTS calculation metric, where each Training Unit (Unità Formativa” –“U.F.”) is designed in order to guarantee at least 1 credit:

1 credit = (classroom hours / internships + individual study hours) / 25