Language policy

Language Policy for preparing students/staff to mobility is based on the overall scope of ascertain and guarantee that participants have proper high linguistic level to gain the maximum advantage from their stay abroad (whether study or traineeship experience).

Proficiency in foreign Languages is checked via oral and written examination according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Starting at least 3 months before mobility begins, participants are offered intensive Language training delivered by the academic staff of ITS courses. No fees are charged on participants.

Steps of the procedure set out within the Language Policy:

  1. Test of candidate’s Language Level to locate his/her start level
  2. Advice on Level he/she should cover before going abroad (minimum level required is B1)
  3. Delivery of intensive Language training within ITS
  4. Delivery of training on: Europass C.V. drafting – Key information about hosting country – Intercultural competences – Safety in the workplace
  5. Delivery of access to Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) for self-study
  6. Delivery to participants of a Tech & Food specific glossary (the glossary is continuously integrated and updated by participants themselves, at their mobility end, in the sake of future mobilities of other participants)
  7. Issue of an Attendance Certificate which records the training undergone, contents, duration, etc
  8. Final Language test, at mobility end, in order to assess Language skills improvement.

ITS Tech & Food delivers Language support by means of offering Italian Language intensive training during the first week of participants’ arrival in our premises. Courses are be also available through an online Platform, as self-study, together with Language Learning Resources (online Platform, of ILUSS Italian Language Update School Service). A final exam will establish the Language level and the acquired credits.

In order to improve their level of Italian proficiency, participation to cultural events and local post events are either proposed.